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Bellas Landscaping provides topsoil delivery and installation in Bloomington-Normal and the surrounding areas. Our topsoil is high in organic matter, free of clay and rock. Topsoil is great to use in your lawn and garden. Also works well for lawn repair and when plating trees, shrubs and perennials.

We suggest using a screen topsoil that saves you time and money when installing. The screening process removes any large clump which helps reduce settling and make the soil easy to transport and install. This screening also helps when working on lawn areas since it eliminates the need to till the soil before installing seed or sod.

Types of Topsoil

We offer screened and bulk topsoil. We highly recommmend the screened soil, this is easier to install and work with. The screening process helps remove all clumps and typically has less moisture content than regular topsoil that has not been screened.

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