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About Our Snow Plowing & Ice Management

Bellas Landscaping offers snow removal services in Bloomington and Normal Illinois. Our services cover shoveling walkways, plowing and salting parking lots. We make keeping your business open and accessible during the winter easy.

Snow removal and ice control on walkways, roads, drives, and parking lots is an important service businesses need to have implimented in the winter months. Businesses can be found liable for neglegance when a slip and fall or accident happens. Often these claims can result in insurance payouts as well as long and expensive court procedures. Protect your clients, business and workers by insuring that you have the proper winter snow and ice management procedures. Studies have shown that businesses with properly maintained parking lots and walkways in the winter are more likely to be visited by potential customers.

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Bellas Landscaping Snow Plowing and Ice Services

Bellas Landscaping offer both sidewalk and parking lot services for commercial businesses. Our services include sidewalk and parking lot salting, as well as snow blowing of sidewalks and plowing of drives and parking lots. Bellas Landscaping can also arrange the haul off of snow durig large snow events.

Snow Removal FAQ's

What services do you offer?

We offer snow plowing and salting on all surfaces. This can include driveways, parking lots, streets and sidewalks.

What type of salt do you use?

We use bulk salt for the majority of our surfaces. Various types of ice melts are available for your surfaces if you desire.

When do you come out?

We prefer to come out and service your business anytime there is snow or ice on your property. This insures your customers and employees are safe and your business is open.

Can you haul snow off?

Most winters in Central Illinois do not require this. However, if needed we can arrage for removal of the snow.

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