Bellas Landscaping Project Spotlight

College Place Rooftops

This project spotlight highlights the design and install of a series of residential rooftops located in Normal, Illinois. The existing rooftop areas posed a problem for the owner because they were not inviting and did not get used. The owner wanted to create and area that residents would use and look forward to spending time in. Special thought and detail had to be taken into consideration based on the type of residents living in the building. Since the building primarily houses students at Illinois State University the design had to incorporate aspects that college students would enjoy.

This project presented several obstacles in that the existing was not that old but was so unattractive that none of it was desired. The other obstacle was access, the only access was stairs and a standard elevator. No freight elevator was located on site, and the use of a crane was limited because the "rooftops" are actually located in the middle of an additional 3 stories on all four sides.

In order to meet the owners needs, and be efficient with our installation, we got the opportunity to use some products that we have not had the opportunity to use in the past.

We were able to create three unique areas with the three separate rooftops. We named them the tanning rooftop, the study rooftop, and the bags rooftop. The tanning rooftop provided a grilling and tv area along with a large concrete and cedar table used for gaming. The tanning nickname came from the large area of synthetic turf that will allow the residents to lay out and relax on the realistic turf. The study rooftop wass the smallest of all three. It was design to have a pergola and planter located in the middle. On one side of that a large outdoor electric fireplace was installed inside an IPE siding surround. The other side features a large synthetic turf area that was combined with some large hammocks for relaxing and studying. The other large room, the bags room, was nnicknamed that to represent the area we design to host a couple set of "bags" or cornhole. This room also featured an all weather ping pong table as well as the same pergola, tv, and grilling areas as the tanning room.

From the synthetic turf, outdoor tv's, electric grills, ipe deck tiles, LED edison globe lights, and all the other unique features this project delivered a great end result.

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College Place Rooftops

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