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Mulch in Bloomington Normal Illinois

Mulch is a material, in this case wood, that is placed over the soil to uphold moisture and improve the condition of the soil as well as plants and trees. Mulching is one of the most beneficial things that can be done to your landscaping. It is well known that mulch can reduce water loss from soil, minimize weed competition and improve the structure of the soil.

Mulch FAQ's

How much is your mulch?

$40 per yard plus tax

Do you Deliver?

Yes, delivery starts at $40 for Bloomington and Normal

Can I pick up mulch?

Yes, we will load trucks and trailers but we are not responsible for any damages or problems caused from loading.

What kind of mulch do you sell?

We offer a naturally aged, dark, hardwood, mulch that breaks down and applies organic nutrients to your soil and plants by decomposition. This hardwood mulch is naturally resistant to bugs such as termites. When applied the mulch not only protects the plants and soil, provides the plants with nutrients, but also provides a clean and polished look to your landscape beds. Spread and maintained at a 3 inch layer our mulch will make your landscape beds look fresh and clean.

Not all mulch is the same. Our mulch is a bark based mulch that is less favorable to termites and bugs. Our process of double shredding the bark eliminats any remaining threats of termites. We recommend avoiding wood chips which container larger pieces of wood. Often these mulches are sold by the bag or at a local wood recycle center.

Dark Hardwood Mulch

Our dark, hardwood mulch has been naturally aged to provide its rich brown color. No additional coloring is needed or added to the mulch. Our mulch is available for delivery, pick up and installation.

Ready to order some mulch? Our mulch is $40 per yard plus tax. Delivery starts at $40 in Bloomington and Normal. Delivery is available outside of Bloomington and Normal for an additional charge.

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