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About Our Lawn Care

Lawn care is often an overlooked importance to your home, neighborhood, and business. The first thing potential customers, or friends and family, when they arrive is often your front lawn. This includes the grass, plantings and landscape beds. Studies have proven that businesses with quality lawn care and curb appeal attract more potential customers. Up to 70% of first time sales are often credited towards a businesses curb appeal. Those same studies also prove that a properly cared for lawn at home results in more relaxation and enjoyment of the outdoors. This results in a happy and healither lifestyle.

It is less expensive to maintain your lawn and landscape than it is to let the exterior of your home go unattended to for years. Often when left unattended to for numerous years a total renovation must be done. This leaves the owner paying for all the renovation costs, including removal of the existing, at one time.

Bellas Landscaping can set your up on a landscape maintenance program for your home or business to help attract customers, maintain the value of the home and prevent large costs at a later date.

Bellas Landscaping Lawn Care Services

Pruning of Shrubs and Trees
Tree Removal
Lawn Mowing
Lawn Fertilizer and Weed Control
Edging of Hard Surfces
Weed Control in Landscape Beds, Sidewalks, Drives, Etc.
Leaf Clean Up and Removal

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