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About Landscape Design

Bellas Landscaping strives to provide you with a landscape design that meets your needs and desires as well as includes some thoughts and ideas of our own. One of the most imortant elements of any design is function. We like to be as creative as possible but function is the most important part of your design.

Not all designs are created equally. Taking the proper time to plan out a landscape install can make all the difference in the final product. Often too many elements of a proper design are not implemented leaving the end result less than desired. How your landscape will age and look for years down the road is hard to visualize but our designers can help explain and show you what to expect.

Not only is planning for plant growth important but also planning your outdoor living space to proper scale and size is important. Often outdoor living areas are made too small to be enjoyed as requested. The space around a fire pit, bar, or swimming pool needs to be properly planned in order to insure the proper install.

How it works?

Typically one of our designers will meet with you at your home to listen to your thoughts and find out what you are looking for. We will then go back to the drawing board and develop a drawing for review. Once that has been reviewed via email or a second meeting, we will make any changes discussed and develop a final plan and proposal for construction. We usually do not rush designs because we have seen that the best designs are ones that evolve over time. However, we can typically have a design and proposal back to you in a week to two weeks. A final meeting will then be set up to walk you through the proposal and answer any questions you may have.

3D Designs

Bellas Landscaping offers 3D Designs for most clients at no additional charge. Often outdoor living spaces and landscape designs are hard to picture when all you have to look at is a sheet of paper. Our designers will put together a standard two-dimensional plan on paper for you to review, once the review is completed we can render your project and you will be able to see what it looks like before we even break ground. This helps us insure that we are on the same page before your project begins.

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Landscape Designs

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