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About Decks and Pergolas

Although Bellas Landscaping specializes in construciton of patios, sometimes a deck is necessary or desired.

Both cedar and composite decks and pergolas offer a great solution to those needs. These materials insure that your wood structure will look great for years to come with minimal maintenance. Composite deck materials have evolved over the years with a lot of options. Before you decide on a material speak to one of our designers who can educate you on the different levels of composite materials and the different materials they are made out of.

Pergolas provide great shade and enclosure to an outdoor space. Most pergolas are built using cedar and often use dimensional lumber sizes that prevent sagging or warping of boards over time. The pergola will create the sense of an outdoor room without building walls and inclosing an area. The average size pergola is 12'x12' but can be built to any custom shape or size.

Composite decks are also great options for your outdoor space. With warrantys around 25 years you can rest assure your realistic wood like materials will last. Composite materials are changing often and lack of knowledge often results in using the wrong materials. Let us discuss and educate you on the proper composites and the benefits those have over similar options.
Pergolas provide a great deal of shade during the right times of the day. Additional features like outdoor curtains and roofs can be added to increase the shade as well as protection from the elements.

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