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Bellas Landscaping is Bloomington Normal's top supplier of decorative landscape rock. Decorative landscape Rock can be used in landscape beds around your home to help with apperance, weed control and water issues. Rock needs to be installed over weed barrier but with the proper landscape fabric you can insure minimal weed germination in your landscaping.

We over several different styles and grades of rock that can be used around your home. Color grades can vary especially between "river rock" options.

Use our calculator to figure out how much rock your project requires. Feel free to even order your rock online and we will contact you to set up your delivery and payment.

Types of Landscape Rock

There are numerous types of decorative rock that can be purchased by the bag, however Bellas offers the following rock in bulk amounts, saving you money:

1.5 inch diameter Rick Rock
1.5 inch diameter Shadowstone
3/4 inch diameter Shadowstone

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